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1. The relationship between the width of the land and the size of the house is usually: the ratio of land value to the value of the house is 1:1.
2. In Fengshui, the northeast and southwest of the courtyard are equivalent to Guimen and neiguimen, so planting trees in these two centers is very taboo. In addition, there are three reasons: first, because trees will grow up, after a long time, they may lose the proportion relationship between the original design and the house; 2、 In today's increasingly flustered land, the courtyard has more requests besides its own appreciation intention. It can be said that it has even become a "room without walls". Under the condition of thinking about this element, it may be able to leave more space for use; Third, the management problem, different from the pure appreciation courtyard, the applicability courtyard is very easy to be damaged in the process of using, and the maintenance is not easy. In addition, the scattered leaves are also a major factor to destroy Fengshui. Therefore, trees should be planted carefully in the courtyard.
3. In geomantic omen, it is considered that digging pools in the atrium, planting trees or other projects that make the land moist are not auspicious. If you want to be green, don't plant tall trees. It's better to plant some vines and shrubs that don't grow high. If you dig a pool, then please pay attention to adhere to the cleanliness of the pool water.
Decoration design of Courtyard Villa
4. If you don't think about the width of the courtyard, if you lay a lot of stones at will, it will attract Yin Qi, and eventually make the family decline, lonely and desolate. This view mainly comes from the idea of heaven, man and one in geomantic omen: if there is no space for ants to drill through, then the Yang Qi, joy, and local Qi existing on the earth will be covered, so it will attract fierce attacks. On the other hand, in summer, a large number of stones will absorb the heat of the sun and release it at night, which makes the courtyard at night sultry. In winter, the stone is frozen very cold at night, and it will absorb the surrounding heat in the daytime, which indirectly brings cold.
5. The way of enclosing wall is decided according to the identity, position and style, and it is required to be harmonious and proportionate. If the wall is too high and the house does not match, it is a bad omen to bring poverty in Feng Shui. In modern architecture, the main function of the wall is to mark the boundary, so the high wall also belongs to the vicious aspect. There are two reasons. One is that the thief is easy to invade, and the straight wall just blocks the outside vision, making it difficult to be found. Second, it is not beautiful. From the outside of the courtyard, the wall and the building should be integrated. From a distant view, you can see the doors and windows of the house. The high wall not only destroys the beautiful picture and makes people hate it, but also shows the owner's narrow and self-restraint. But the wall also has the function of avoiding noise and dust. In order to avoid this kind of pollution, the wall should not be too low. After the height exceeds one meter, the effect of avoiding pollution has not increased, so the height should not be higher than 1.5 meters.
6. The distance between the building and the wall is only a little. This kind of situation will make people have a strong sense of oppression, and the ventilation and lighting of such houses are also affected, so it is regarded as bad luck in Feng Shui. Therefore, it is necessary to leave about 20 cm at the base below the wall, which can not only improve ventilation and lighting, but also leave space for the growth of flowers and plants.
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