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How to finish the local work of wood structure in the construction of Chinese-style decoration buildings in quadrangles? First of all, we should start from the foundation, the stability of the base site and the certificate can be said to be a necessary prerequisite for a good building.
On the base site, the compaction needs of the soil can be solidly solidified before a thousand hammers, and measured again and again according to the design elevation. If there is an irregular point, the demand will come back.
Siheyuan Chinese style decoration, appearance is also very important.
The trees are verdant and green.
Because the forehead pillars above the site need to accept the weight of the entire roof structure of the house, they also need to participate in the pillars between the pillars and the base. These pillar top stones are deeply buried and open, while the exposed part is called the pillar foundation. On the pillar top stops carving by raspberry, and on the pillar top stops carving with lotus pattern.
This kind of raspberry also sometimes adds a layer of overturning on it, which makes the Chinese style design quadrangle courtyard more changeable. It provides a stable foundation and also isolates the air moisture, thus maintaining important wooden data columns.
A qualified wooden column must stop a series of disposal before use, which includes not only grinding and polishing, but also the release of internal stress of wood itself, so that the column will not crack easily because of the change of temperature and humidity. The common use of plain paint on the surface is to stop covering up. The purpose of this is to isolate the wooden column from the humid air. It is also a kind of work. The way to avoid its decay.
Siheyuan Chinese decoration, showing a unique Chinese temperament.
Elegant design is free from style
Many Chinese-style decoration woodworks in quadrangles are not simply straight up and down to lubricate, but also to stop processing in detail. In the part of the stigma, it is generally possible to stop "coiling" or "scoring" both of them are the same way of disposal, but they are called differently.
The purpose of doing this is to make the wooden pillars fit in with the natural shape of the upper and lower thicknesses. It also makes the decoration of quadrangles conform to people's aesthetic concepts.
In addition to stopping this disposal at the top of the column, the same disposal technique is sometimes stopped at the bottom of the column. Give people a shuttle-like feeling, with the solid and simple shape of the pillar top stone, so that the whole pillar in space looks very design-oriented.
The characteristics of quadrangles lead to different designations of pillars in different locations. The two pillars close to the center are generally comparable thick. According to the appellation of purlin on the top structure, they are commonly called the central spine. The gold pillars on both sides of the spine are usually embedded in the wall.
Siheyuan Chinese-style decoration can show humanistic feelings.
A taste of life pours out
Almost all the pillars designed by the courtyard are called eaves pillars outdoors. The eaves pillars are usually in the outdoor eaves corridor. They form a delicate Chinese landscape frame together with the former balustrades, hanging sisters and canaries. The importance of the pillars in the decoration of the courtyard is obvious no matter where they are from. And it does not carve the plain surface and has a trustworthy sense of steadfastness. Of course, there are decorations outside the paint cover at the stop of the pillars in the building.
Chinese architecture usually seldom stops carving colorful paintings on the pillars indoors and outdoors, while in some temples and temples the pillars stop carving with delicate patterns to make the building look more beautiful.
Some of them adopt gold and red coloured pillars to give a golden glorious costume, but also make the building look more magnificent and solemn and lofty.
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