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In the process of Chinese style decoration design, the use of Chinese elements is particularly important. The classical Chinese style decoration we understand now, to a large extent, is a continuation of the Ming and Qing styles, which we call the classical Chinese style decoration. Especially in the middle and late Qing Dynasty, decorative elements with obvious Chinese color gradually formed. These elements include classical patterns, wood carvings, brick carvings, wall carvings, paintings and so on. This case is mainly about the use of Chinese style pattern.
Living room entrance is relatively large, simple horn decoration inevitably appears monotonous, and the ceiling and TV wall horn treatment, so that this element is reused, inevitably lack of change, so the decorative effect of this entrance adopt the Chinese classical decoration floor cover treatment, the top decorative pattern uses this kind of pendant effect.
Sufficiently high single-layer height, so that the ceiling shape can have a clear sense of hierarchy, the use of lighting effects highlight this sense of hierarchy. Decorated Chinese corner flowers add the charm of classical Chinese style decoration. In order to strengthen this feature, the line treatment of the dome and the round auspicious wooden pattern make this charm have a theme, and also symbolize the saying of the round place in Chinese traditional culture.
电视墙的造型处理采用表面装饰手法,主要原因是客厅的尺度决定的,客厅本身长宽不足够大,电视墙面凹型结构的进深基本够满足摆放电视台柜的尺寸,所以墙面 的处理仅限于表面化。原墙面经过处理后贴壁纸,可以选用带有中式风情图案的梅、兰、竹、菊图案壁纸。但单薄的壁纸装饰同厚重的中式古典装修风格很难协调, 因此,采用古典中式落地罩花格(清式硬拐纹落地罩)进行修饰。落地罩本身是中式风格装修中的隔断处理,用在这里不仅使电视墙面的装饰效果加强,协调了整体装修风格,同时也拓展了空间关系,使人感觉客厅的尺度在延伸。
The main reason for the surface decoration of TV wall is the size of living room. The length and width of living room is not big enough. The depth of concave structure of TV wall can basically meet the size of TV counter, so the treatment of wall is limited to surface. After the original wall surface is processed, wallpaper with Chinese style patterns of plum, orchid, bamboo and chrysanthemum can be selected. However, the thin wallpaper decoration is difficult to coordinate with the heavy Chinese classical decoration style. Therefore, the classical Chinese floor cover pattern (Qing-style hard-twisted floor cover) is used for decoration. The floor cover itself is the partition treatment in the Chinese style decoration. It not only strengthens the decorative effect of the TV wall, coordinates the overall decoration style, but also expands the spatial relationship, making people feel that the living room scale is extending.
The length and width of the living room is not too large, but the height of 3.4 meters is high enough. The main decorative effect should be built on the treatment of the ceiling model. In addition, the decorative layout and geomantic culture should be adjusted properly in combination with the original architectural space layout and form, such as the south-facing window of the TV wall and the wall facing the entrance of the corridor. For example, the location of window can choose classical furniture Luohan bed; and the choice of furniture at the gate is suitable for simple movable wooden benches, piers, embroidery piers, etc. The wall opposite the gate can be treated as the traditional wall of the central hall, hanging pictures, placing regular and symmetrical circle chairs and several cases, and if space permits, placing a plan, and then placing circle chairs in front. Make the living room space rich and full, with far-reaching implications.
洗手间玄关位置正对入户门,应业主要求,设计也是从这里开始的,如何处理好这个位置,关系到整个设计的成败。就本案而言,所有空间垭口和线条的运用都从这 里延伸出去,尺度的把控,门的位置,分扇,以及同旁边造型的关系,同厨房门的位置关系,垭口线条同上边线的咬合关系等,都要经过精密而富有逻辑性的思考。
The location of toilet entrance is right to the entrance door, and the design starts from here at the request of the owner. How to deal with this location is related to the success or failure of the whole design. As far as this case is concerned, the use of all space gaps and lines extends from here. The control of scale, the position of doors, the parting of fans, the relationship with the adjacent shapes, the position of kitchen doors, and the occlusion relationship between gaps and the upper edge lines all need to be carefully and logically considered.
三扇门,左侧一扇是固定的,而右侧两扇是折叠门,上面的轨道用什么样的,尺寸多少等问题要提前同工人解释明白,或者提前购买好轨道,并在定制中式花格门的 时候提前同家具厂家说明。固定门同折叠门的高度是不一致的,这一点也要注意,当然,只要提前打好招呼,家具厂的师傅们是清楚这一点的。
Three doors, one on the left is fixed, while the other two on the right are folding doors. What kind of track is used on the top and how many sizes should be explained with the workers in advance, or the track should be purchased well in advance, and the furniture manufacturer should explain in advance when customizing the Chinese-style lattice doors. The height of the fixed door is not the same as that of the folding door. We should also pay attention to this point. Of course, as long as we say hello in advance, the furniture factory masters are aware of this point.
There are many kinds of Chinese-style partition doors. There is no specific meaning to use palace-style partition doors here. Others, such as cross-river tortoise scenery pattern, tortoise hexagonal pattern, golden pen tube type, crabapple Lingjiao type, ice pattern, flower knot and so on, can be placed as long as the owners like. After all, the home is their own, it is important to look comfortable. It is no big deal. Every year, it is installed later, like a pillow. Headmuffs can be changed and washed.
古典中式风格装修的 味道是不一样的,中式元素运用得当,能在现在建筑空间中营造古典风情,仿佛穿越时空,体验一种历史的,具有文化品质的生活感受。古典中式风格装修自然离不 开中式书法和字画的装点。留白也是古典中式风格装修中自古以来的处理手法,所以本案在里面的三段式处理方式上,线条一下墙面仍然使用乳胶漆刷白处理,而线 条以上使用壁纸增加里面装饰效果。
The taste of classical Chinese style decoration is different. Proper use of Chinese elements can create a classical style in the present architectural space, as if through time and space, experience a historical and cultural quality of life experience. The decoration of classical Chinese style can not be separated from the decoration of Chinese calligraphy and painting. White space is also a classical Chinese style decoration since ancient times, so this case in the interior of the three-stage treatment, the line down the wall is still used latex paint whitening treatment, while the line above the use of wallpaper to increase the interior decoration effect.
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