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1、 Create functional space by Region
If the area of the scattered courtyard is large, it can be considered to use the non closed sunken courtyard. Through the design of different heights and staggered steps, the space is divided into three functional areas, and all parts of the courtyard are effectively used. First of all, the designer chooses the upper terrace with good vision as the leisure area, and creates a comfortable outdoor leisure space by placing a group of comfortable outdoor furniture and a sunshade.
Chengdu villa decoration company suggests that in the wide square area of the lower courtyard, a barbecue table should be placed against the wall, and a long outdoor table and chair should be placed in the wide space next to it as a place for daily barbecue parties; Next to the stairs connecting the upper and lower floors, the open space is also well utilized. A group of iron furniture adds a place for leisure and chat to the outdoor party.
2、 Enrich the level of courtyard space
Chengdu villa decoration company explained that the charm of sunken courtyard is generated by the slope difference between the courtyard and the green space at the bottom of the villa. Chinese traditional garden design stresses the interest of winding paths leading to seclusion, which can be realized in the sunken courtyard. Compared with the flat floor courtyard design at a glance, this kind of hidden courtyard has a special charm. At the same time, although it is outdoors, it can also bring people a strong sense of belonging just like the garden. One end is connected with nature, the other end is warm home life. Through the construction of high-level and low-level, this courtyard brings a richer sense of vision and possibility of use to the space.
3、 Potted waterscape adds vitality
The small waterscape against the wall adds some flexibility to the garden
In order to reduce the trouble of daily maintenance, the courtyard is mainly made of hard pavement, so the designer interspersed a lot of potted plants in every corner to inject vitality and colorful color into the space. At the same time, beside the dining area, the designer also designed a waterscape, which is not only a focus landscape, but also brings people auditory pleasure.
4、 Special reminder of villa courtyard decoration:
1. Chengdu villa decoration company suggests lighting up the courtyard space with color. Even in autumn and winter, beautiful textiles can still make your courtyard charming.
2. Make good use of fragmented corners. Sunken courtyards usually have stairs from the ground. Don't waste the space under the stairs. A simple set of tables and chairs is a quiet rest area.
3. Expand the courtyard function. A shelf on the wall side of the courtyard can be used to store or display your art collection.
4. Diversity of courtyard furniture. In addition to the conventional outdoor tables and chairs, one or two swing chairs can be added to add fun to the courtyard. For smaller sunken courtyards, the latter is usually smaller and more suitable. Wall decoration can not be ignored. If you want to make the courtyard more natural and interesting, it's very easy to add a background wall, a wall spring or a wooden fence to "cover" the wall.