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Villa courtyard landscape design has become popular nowadays. A good villa courtyard landscape design can not only make the family life better, but also make the host family face. Then how can we make the courtyard become a simple flower warehouse? We can show the rules through ingenious design. Starting from the following points, we can learn the main points of design, so as to create our own characteristic courtyard.
1. Early determination of style
Villa courtyard landscape design should first establish a style that they like. The type of garden can also be roughly determined according to the style of the building. Generally, courtyard style can be simply divided into regular and natural. The more common styles are: Chinese, Japanese, European, American, pastoral, Mediterranean and modern courtyards. Whatever style you choose, before designing, you should first determine the courtyard style, taking into account the harmony between the garden and the building.
2. Smart layout planning
There are not too many kinds of plants in the landscape design of villa courtyard. One or two plants should be taken as the main landscape plants, and one or two plants should be selected as the matching. The selection of plants should be matched with the overall courtyard style. The level of plants should be clear, the form concise and beautiful.
Water is an indispensable element in the courtyard. It is interdependent with other elements in the courtyard, so as to build a harmonious and perfect courtyard landscape.
3. Unity as a whole
For the courtyard of villa area, the concept of holistic unification includes three aspects: the landscape design of villa courtyard should be in harmony with the surrounding environment, the part that can be used should borrow the scenery as far as possible, the part that can not be coordinated should try to make visual shelter; the courtyard should be integrated with its own building and extend each other with the interior decoration style; Components are connected organically and naturally.
4. Vision should be balanced
The position, shape, proportion and texture of each element in the courtyard should be visually appropriate to achieve "balance", which is similar to the requirements of painting and photography. It is only a three-dimensional courtyard for multi-perspective viewing. In the courtyard design, we should also make full use of human visual illusions, such as trees in the vicinity are slightly larger than those in the distance, which will make the courtyard look larger than the actual.
5. Combination of static and dynamic
Good villa courtyard landscape design, there must be multiple viewing points, so that you can guide the line of sight shuttle back and forth, thus forming a sense of motion. In addition to Japanese miniature gardens, almost all gardens should do more on the combination of dynamic and static. Motion depends on the shape and vertical elements of the courtyard (such as hedges, walls and vegetation).
6. Colors need to be rich
It's warm in spring and cool in autumn all year round. The colour of plants should change accordingly in different seasons. The cold and warm feeling of color will affect the size, distance and weight of space. In the landscape design of villa courtyard, warm and bright elements are designed in the vicinity, while cold and dark elements are arranged in the distance, which will increase the depth of field and make the small courtyard more profound.
Summer is a season with many kinds of flowering plants. It is advisable to combine various colors and adorn them with wild and interesting perennial grass flowers. Even the use of a variety of color combinations with a high degree of color will not feel chaotic. For example, you can use gorgeous, different color series of golden carp grass to compose a number of lively color blocks, of course, it is best to decorate some silverleaf plants or white flower snowballs to neutralize, so the effect will be better.
7. Enough light
Drainage, lighting, ventilation, soil quality and so on will affect the growth and development of plants, especially the sufficient light is an important condition to determine which flowers can be cultivated. Generally speaking, it is ideal to build a garden in a place with good sunshine conditions and facing south. So we must first understand the conditions of our own house. How many hours of sunshine in a day? Is it half-yin or back-yin? On this basis, plant species suitable for these environments are selected. A shady garden can also be built for viewing.
8. Plants Seek Variability
Consider more about the three-dimensional shape of plants in order to obtain changes. They may be circular, cylindrical, draped, wavy or fountain. Hard gardening materials and garden decorations also have their own shapes. Colors, structures, shapes and brightness can all be achieved through the selection of different plants.
Villa courtyard design is limited in size, but as long as the plant and plant, flower pattern and flower arrangement are coordinated, even if the courtyard area is small, it can also design a very unique horticultural landscape.
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