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1. The interior architectural design style of Chinese classical architecture represented by palace architecture is magnificent, magnificent, high-space, advanced, magnificent, elegant and symmetrical in appearance, elegant in colour and contrast. The decorative materials are mainly wood, with many dragons, phoenixes, turtles, lions and so on. They are exquisitely carved and exquisite. However, the decoration cost of Chinese style is high, and it lacks modern flavor, so it can only be used in decoration in the home.
2、现代中式作风更多天时用了后现代手法,墙上挂一幅中国山水画等传统的书房里自然少不了书柜、书案以及文房四宝。 中式作风的客厅具有内蕴的作风,为了舒适,中式的环境中也常常用到沙发,但颜色依然表现着中式的古朴,中式作风这种表现使整个空间,传统中透着现代,现代中揉着古典。这样就以一种东方人的“留白”美学观念控制的节拍,显出大家风范,其墙壁上的字画无论数量还是内容都不在多,而在于它所营造的意境。能够说无论西风如何劲吹,舒缓的意境一直是东方人特有的情怀,因而书法常常是成就这种诗意的手腕。这样躺在舒适的沙发上,任千年的故事顺指间流。
2. Modern Chinese style uses post-modern techniques more days. A traditional study, such as a Chinese landscape painting, hangs on the wall, naturally includes bookcases, bookcases and four treasures of the study. Chinese style living room has an intrinsic style. For comfort, sofas are often used in Chinese environment, but the color still shows the simplicity of Chinese style. The expression of Chinese style makes the whole space, traditional with modern, modern with classical. In this way, the rhythm controlled by an oriental aesthetic concept of "blank" shows everyone's demeanor. The number and content of the calligraphy and painting on the wall are not much, but the artistic conception it creates. It can be said that no matter how strong the westerly wind blows, the soothing mood has always been the unique feelings of the Orientals, so calligraphy is often the best way to achieve this poetic. Lie on the comfortable sofa like this, the story of Ren thousand years flows in the meantime.
3. The representative of Chinese style is the design appearance of Chinese classical furniture, Chinese garden architecture and color in Ming and Qing Dynasties. It is characterized by symmetry, simplicity, simplicity, vulgar style and rich cultural connotation. Chinese style home shows the host's higher aesthetic taste and social position.
4. Chinese traditional interior design blends the dual qualities of seriousness and elegance. In terms of interior space structure, wood frame is the main way to show the master's maturity and stability. The combination of Chinese architecture abides by the criterion of balance and symmetry. The main building is on the central axis, and the secondary building is divided into two compartments, forming an important courtyard. On residential palace and temple, the criterion is the same. The four-level and eight-stable architectural space reflects the concept of social ethics in China. Another feature of Chinese architecture is the timber frame with doors on the front. Since thousands of years ago, even with timber, China has created bridges between bridges. Because wood means life, while Chinese culture emphasizes the feeling of life, this feature has remained unchanged. For example, although some lobbies are not made of wood, the image of righteousness and dignity originates from the Chinese architectural concept, while Xuyou Rongzhuang Square Shop is full of local cultural flavor of Jiangnan architecture, which conforms to the pursuit of modern people to return to simplicity and authenticity. It is worth mentioning that the internal religious complex of Chinese people with Chinese style is separated satisfactorily, and the artistic conception of Confucianism or Zen is outlined in the center of some details; the stone carvings carefully placed in the living room will have the shadow of Confucianism, Taoism and Buddhism at the same time.
5. Pay attention to the level of space, use partition windows and screens to divide, use solid wood to make a solid frame, to fix the bracket, in the middle with the latter carving, to make a simple pattern.
6. Doors and windows are very important to affirm the Chinese style, because Chinese doors and windows are usually made of lattices or other traditional Chinese patterns, carved with solid wood into various subject shapes, polished and lubricated, full of a sense of plane. Smallpox intersects into a square shape with wooden strips and overlays with wood panels. It can also be used as a simple circular ceiling for lamp pools. It is framed with solid wood, with clear layers and painted in pear wood color. Furniture decoration is symmetrical and pays attention to cultural implication; accessories are adept at decorating with calligraphy and painting, antiques, scrolls, bonsai and exquisite handicraft to show the master's taste and dignity. Wood carving paintings are mainly wall hangings, which have cultural charm and common style, and show the common charm of traditional Chinese home culture.
7. Screens are made in various ways, including screens; solid wood carvings; mosaic panels, as well as black gold screens, hand-painted flowers and plants; characters; ominous patterns and other descriptions, with intense color and clear matching. Distance between restaurants and living rooms in modern hotels. More and more tranquil and vulgar with idyllic scenery.
8. The whole Chinese style decoration plays an important role and is the representative work of Ming style furniture. Reasonable appearance and simple lines. Nowadays, people like it. Despite the complicated and tedious elements, these chairs often play an important role in the decoration of Chinese style. Official hat chair is divided into four top official hat chair and South official hat chair. Two chairs and a few chairs are arranged in the living room; the study and other centers are simple and thick; they are calm but natural.
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